Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Douglas family arrive!!!

Left it a bit too long again to update the blog so here is the last 3 weeks..
After an hour searching for the English bar in Chennai called '10 Downing Street' we finally discovered it at 9.30pm. It looked like an English pub from the outside and suprisingly from the inside too! The bar men did not look English though.The Indian bar men were dressed in  70's clothes, with big scouse afro wigs and looked like Del boy trotter. The menu was well overpriced but we though fuck the budget let's treat ourselves!
We got talking to a couple of bankers who lived in Chennai. One was an Indian and one was a Kiwi.Before we knew it the bar was closing at 11.30pm and the guys asked did we want to carry on drinking.Hell yeah we did!They bought a bottle of vodka and a bottle of tequila and we left in from what I can remember a posh car with leather interior and chelsea pillows? We arrived at a block of posh apartments and realised that there was no bar it was a 'house party' A house party with us four.
A roulette table was pulled out with shot glasses and we decided to play 'shots roulette'.From what I can remember the roulette wheel never even got spun we just started necking shots.I returned from the bathroom to Sorcha thinking she was in the bathroom vomitting on the suede sofa.I cleaned her and the sofa up and returned to the lounge.A bit of a blur from this moment on...I remember the Kiwi and I kissing and then I woke up.
An hours tuk tuk back to our hotel in the blistering heat felt like hell and on returning to the shit hole we discovered the power was out.In the morning we decided to get a tuk tuk to the nearest air conditioned mall seeing as we were in the city and cool down.
K.F.C was the first thing we seen and a massive meal of shitty food was ordered of which we could only stomach a chicken burger!
Next day we felt a lot better and decided to head back the mall again and treat ourselves to hair cuts and colours.It was the same price as Oz but took 6 hours!!!6 hours in a hairdressers.I was so agitated and the clock seemed to stop.Finally after what felt like 12 hours we were on our way o the airport to fly to Delhi to meet Sally, Steve and Kiera- Sorcha's parents and younger sister.
Was very weird,amazing and exciting seeing the family in the morning and they brought us some lindt easter eggs,my long awaited Lorna Jane Yoga leggings and cuddles.
Next day we got on a plane to Dehadrun, Rishakesh to start our 2 week adventure.
Lots of yoga,family dinners,exploring,laughs and jokes filled the first week.
I decided seeing as I have applied to do a vipassana/mediation course that I would do an hours mediation class with Sally.The course I'm doing will be 14 hours per day mediation for 10 days so an hours class is nothing-I thought!
Bloody hell!I sat in the lotus position(legs folded,back straight,chest up,hands on knees)and after 5 min I was in agony.The meditation yogi master is telling us how to breathe and chanting 'om' and I just feel like I want to shake my whole body and wave my arms. I don't mind not talking it's the keeping still that's killing me!An hour passes which felt like 10 hours and I did not enjoy it or feel 'enlightened' at all.
I'm going to try and do a few more different styles of meditation before I give up on the whole thing but if every meditation feels like that I will not be taking part.
I'm discovering there is a whole world of things I don't know about through the help of Sally, research and talking to different people.
Crystal healing, stones, mediation, yoga, chakras ... there is so much interesting things to learn about here.I'm loving it.
I've gone off Indian food a bit and have been eating lots of Israeli food which is delicious and a lot more healthier.
We decided to take a trip to Corbett National Park to spot one of the 127 wild tigers there.Sally and Steve hired a jeep and a private driver and we drove 8 hours to the park.We stayed in big tents in the peaceful countryside and ate amazing Indian food.
We had to wait a couple of days before we could get a permit to the park and in that time met a guy from England called Dean.I don't really write about many people I meet as there is nothing much really to write about them but this guy definately deserves the air time.
He is 30 odd years old and had cycled all the way from Darlington, Uk to India! Crazy hey?! his backpack,tent and belongings are all on his bike and it took him 7 months to get to India passing through Iran, Turkey... you name it. He had to catch one plane somewhere along the way and it was the first plane journey he had ever took in his whole life!
The trip to Corbett National park was good. We never seen any tigers but we did see deer, lots of birds and peacocks. We also seen a few tiger prints and claw marks.
We are back in Rishakesh now awaiting our next journey to Mussori which is aparantly India's magic city.There are lots of magic shops and magicians which Steve is getting mega excited about as he loves a good magic trick! It's funny he keeps pulling out card tricks and coin tricks for the Indians and they love it!Hahah

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