Monday, 5 December 2011

Island life...

Arrived in Kho Yao. Very quiet, muslim inhabited island. Stayed in a really nice bungalow on the beach sharing with frogs and a giganic spider which took me 10 min to capture and evict.
Went on an amazing tour of the local islands, rock formations and coves that surround this beautiful paradise.
Met a fellow american for Jess to chat to about politics,Obama, mexican food and all things American.He has climbed aboard our Thai tour.
Two days was enough here as it rained and with nothing else to do other han lay on the beach we decided to head to Phuket, 'Thailand's Las Vegas'.
Motorbikes,tuk tuks,cars,holiday makers from all over he globe,fake ray bans,fake everything,fat old men with thai rent-a- girlfriends,bars,clubs,ping pong shows...the list goes on.This place is madness.
Had a night on the town after drinking 2 bottles of vodka wih fellow backpackers at the hostel.
Walked about the main strip until we were bored of being harrassed by locals selling us everything from fake I phones to prostiutes and headed to a crazy club playing the top ten Australian charts paying 7$ for a beer. Met some fun thai prostiutes that showed us  the time of our life whilst trying to take me home for lesbian sex?!
Hung our heads in shame this morning when leaving the hostel as we woke our owners up last night on our return and we felt so bad this little thai man got no sleep because of our loud return.
Spent the day at the crowded Paong beach and people watched whilst bronzing.
It really is amazing, how many over weight, old, wrinkly men think that budgie smugglers look attractive!
One old dude was even wearing a thong.I cannot describe the sight.

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