Thursday, 1 December 2011


Arrived in Krabi after a 2 hour flight from Singapore. The weather is fantastic as usual and I gotta feeling this is gonna be one hell of a trip!
Managed to walk out of the airport without my luggage!I could not see he carousel?!Then had to stupidly explain to the airport security why I wanted to enter the arrivals hall with an old boarding ticket.
Arrived at good dream guest house, dumped my over packed bag and went on the hunt for food!
Tom yum soup, green curry and rice. AMAZING! I forgot how much I love Thailand and wish I could stay forever.The food is definately the best on the planet.
Jess arrived the following day and I decided with it being her first trip to Asia I would pick her up Thai style. I hollered a man on a motorbike and headed full throttle 20k to the airport.
Jess arrives all smiles and I point to our lift.I climb on the bike and I cant see her.She has jumped into a taxi mini bus thinking I was pointing at that and not the bike behind it. I get her off the bus and point at the bike. Her face was priceless, especially when she realises that me, the driver, her luggage and her will all be on the one bike! A funny ride of laughs, giggles into town followed followed by Jess eating curry that was way too hot and us spending the evening sprinting to loos so she could poop!
We got up at 6 am today and got a long tail boat to the beautiful beach of Railay. Spent a whole day swimming, relaxing and gossiping whilst laying on golden sand staring at turquoise waters.
A few monkeys came to visit the beach and Jess turned into Doctor Do little talking monkey language and feeding them bananas.I left her in her moment and pretended to be interested when she gave me a slide show of the 89 monkey photographs she took!
Heading home a Thai lady was chilling out in her lounge with her pet shitzu and Jess just could not resist running into her home, molesting the dog, speaking doggy language and invading their personal space. I walked on pretending I did not know this freak of nature! God help me when she sees an elephant in real life!
Tomorrow we are ditching all the backpackers and heading to a local island called Kho Yao. Rumour has it its a quiet island with amazing beaches, no clubs, no parties or annoying 18 year old ravers! I'm getting old! We both have no had an alcoholic drink since leaving Australia and are enjoying waking up fresh, eating fresh food and drinking 6 L of water a day! YES IT'S TRUE!
Although things may change in a week when my party animal Lebanese Joe Moussa arrives! I'm so excited! I have not seen Joe for 2 years!He is flying into Phuket from China so depending on what he wants to do we will stay on the island or head to 'Thailand's Gold coast' tacky Phuket..Poo-ket! I really hope he decides to come the island!
Jess is taking a cat nap she just can't handle the pace.So I'm using this QUIET to update and upload!

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